05 Best & New Sustainable Travel Practices

Why should there not be carbon-free Tourism? Sustainable Travel Practices is a tool.

Yeah, it seems to be a valid question. But, how is it possible? Look, Every part of the world is urbanizing with so much rapid speed. In the meantime, the traveler and the way they travel the world are being affected by such an unsustainable approach to traveling.

But, thanks to the COP( Conference of the Parties) highlighting this issue to the world, we have made a solid step to start Sustainable Tourism.

“Sustainable tourism is tourism that encounters all the impacts produced by tourism on the host community and environment.” This tourism is gaining popularity day by day in the Tourism World.

One of the reasons that stands out is Global warming, which is affecting most parts of the world severely. 

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How can we follow sustainable practices?

There have been multiple suggestions by the all-around best environmental experts. But, I will describe the 5 Best & New Sustainable Travel Practices.

1)Choosing Sustainable Transportation

“Sustainable Transport is a transport in which net emission of carbon in the ecosystem is zero as a result of Transportation activity.”

Sustainable transport is the best choice for anyone in the world. It is not only beneficial for our traveling purpose but our daily needs can be filled by this.

Let’s just take a look at best sustainable transport sources:

Take a ride on an electric vehicle:

Electric vehicles are the most advanced, latest, and current-era best vehicles to fulfill our need for Sustainable Transportation.

Electric vehicle manufacturing is starting in the Market, but its benefits are unmatchable.

For a long and memorable ride or a short-needed one, it is best to have such a reliable and supportive vehicle, like an electric vehicle, to be a part of our journey.

Electric vehicle cars will decrease CO2 emissions to almost none or zero emission.

The best part is it is an easy and pollution-free item.

Walking or Bicycling:

Walking and bicycling, Yep these are our household transport systems.

The argument stands valid, but now most of countries are trying these options on a massive level to support Sustainable transport and tourism in their countries.

Let’s get something, Germany, the world’s car manufacturing hub, is the entire country based on Bicycling and walking for all types of activity. According to one of the surveys in 2021, 81 million bicycles are under used in the country.

Walking and bicycling not only affect our environment with no carbon emission but also improve our health and reduce chronic diseases in our environment.

2)Eco-friendly accommodations:

The most difficult one to manage in Sustainable tourism and its practices is having Sustainable Accommodations.

Sustainable Accommodation is gaining popularity in the culture of tourism, and therefore many countries, private developers, and multinational companies are focusing on this world of opportunities and planet-saving activities.

Some best Sustainable accommodations in the world that are deeply gaining popularity will amaze you! Scroll down to see what should be the steps put forward to establish sustainable tourism in your community.

  1. Avoid Non-Biodegradable Plastic
  2. Conserve Energy
  3. Reduce food waste
  4. Limit water use
  5. Recycle 
  6. Offer organic food

3)Supporting Local Communities

Local communities are the best part of any tourism destination. Meanwhile, These are the ones who have been affected due to global Warming and the Urbanization of Tourist destinations.

Local community support is one of the great motives followed by all Global Warming activists and tourists.

One of the best reason is it Sustainable Travel Practices.

Local community support can be done in a few steps:

  1. Involve in Policy making of the Tourism sector
  2. Involved in Entrepreneurship in the Local Area
  3. Catch an all-local Employment
  4. Make a policy to conserve the culture of the Local community
  5. Involve in protecting local wildlife and the environment

But the last thing, Mutual understanding between cultures of tourists and local communities should be on priority. Eco-tourism best result can’t be taken, until both hands meet and start a chain.

4)Minimize Plastic Use:

Wherever we look around us, we are so much surrounded with plastic that it seems to be impossible in the history of the world.

Plastic is one of the most usable items in the world, but the problem here is it is the second most affecting item in the world that has truly blocked our natural waters pathway to preserve all our food items.

Meanwhile, its use can be minimized with replacement to other different approaches in this matter.

Some of the few tactics to minimize the use of plastic in our society could be:

  1. Stop buying Plastic
  2. Wean yourself with Disposable Plastic
  3. Build up a Biodegradable plastic
  4. Recycle plastic
  5. Use Alternative to plastic bag during Shopping

5)Respect Wildlife:

Wildlife of any area is the most crucial part of that habitat or Ecosystem. OR, I would say Wildlife makes up our ecosystem. If we want to save our ecosystem, we need to protect wildlife.

One of the Harvard Study shows that, in one hour about 3 species in the environment are driven toward extinction.  This is showing that how we are moving near to our destruction.

How can we respect our wildlife? Yep, I have a solution for you, Just follow all below miner steps, that impact on our major enviorment.

  1. Keep your distance from the animals and plants
  2. Keep your trash to yourself
  3. Keep your food to yourself also, not to share it with wildlife.
  4. Keep the space for wildlife, not to threaten them
  5. If you love to play with animals, choose pets for this purpose not to disturb wild animals.


Sustainable tourism, on one hand, plays a role in our life by minimizing the carbon emission and on the second side, is easy to achieve and practice.

So, where does the issue lie? The reason is our lack of focus because of so much economic activity, this results in the distribution of our whole nature.

Therefore, I would recommend, besides following all these factors, we also need to focus on the bigger picture around us in the form of our ecosystem.

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